why i write

So chuck has issued a flash fiction challenge that in no way involves writing fiction. Instead he wants us to write way we write. I love this idea. ONWARDS!


I write because I am a reader. A reader who wants to travel the worlds of fiction: from the wizarding world of Harry Potter to Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings. To be a man capable of helping those in need in like Jack Reacher or even lead a rebellion against an unjust government like Katniss.

As a reader I have loved these stories and I want to contribute some of my own.

But I also write to reflect the world as I know it and even to extract my own revenge against it. In my school days I didn’t have a great time: I had moved to a new town, my dad had passed away and I was too well mannered and sensitive. I was the perfect victim for the bullies. And so I hunted them down and horrifically murdered them.

Ok! Ok! Not me personally, please don’t call the cops!!

I created a character to kill representations of the bullies. Some of you have met him, his name is Amin Nightcoat and he is a ruthless hunter. Yeah he is not the as bloody as what my twelve year old self created but he is still my personal killer.

I also create people to base as a role model for myself. Alistair Dowshan is another protagonist in my WIP and he is a king capable of diffusing conflict and war without drawing his blade. He is a just and diplomatic and above all selfless. A characteristic I admire above all else.

The world itself and the actions my characters play reflect how I feel about our own and how things, in my own mind, should be.

So I write to create the man I want to be, to show how the world can be wrong and to ensure that evil gets what’s coming.


Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “why i write

  1. I’ve read quite a few of these and this is the best one yet. Seriously. I like the truthfulness and sincerity of it, and you wrote it without a prop of overblown prose or simpering allusion.

    I wrote one but I think it’s NSFW. A little too truthful. “… to show how the world can be wrong and to ensure that evil gets what’s coming.” That’s the most polite form of how I’d express my view. My ‘real’ manuscript is unlikely to find a publisher; they’re still stuck in 19th century thinking.

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