Redam Lore – Creation

In the world of Redam there are many kingdoms and civilisations, each with their own customs and belief’s. But most religions contain barely a sliver of truth to how the world came to be. The truth being lost twisted and destroyed until only the gods and their servants know the true truth of it.

There were once billions of gods and goddesses, but their differences grew into an unimaginable war were worlds were born and destroyed in a blink of an eye. It was until only four of these beings decided that enough was enough and fled their realms.

These gods and goddesses were the four elemental gods that created this world.

There was the artist and visionary: Stone, the Lord of the mountains who carved and moulded the earth.

There was the warrior: Fire, the King of destruction and bringer of the light. He breathed the core of this earth and brought it to life.

The scholar and wise queen: Ice, she was Cold and harsh but her wisdom brings balance and created a better world than the ones we would have wished for. She soared across the skies, cooling the world. Ice and fire brought the oceans and its steam gave the sky.

And finally the fair mother and carer of the world: Fauna. She grew and tended her gardens, providing food, safety and eventually life to the world.

That is how Redam was born. As a statement to all great beings, that difference can create beauty and strength


But of course, peace never last forever.

As time went on the Gods created their living creatures and appointed their Angels.

Fire brought Dragons, everlasting, intelligent and powerful.

Stone brought forth stone Gollum’s. The living statues, patient, observant and a true testament to art and longevity.

Fauna brought Pixies, Fairies and Sprites. Small, innocent, resourceful and kind are some of many comments made about their kind. Yet in truth they are powerful and dangerous to those who would defile the forests and jungles of the world. They show how true creatures should conduct themselves and respect their world.

Ice brought frost spirits, Known to be cold, harsh and deadly. They are invisible and ever watchful.

But populating the world with their own wasn’t their intention. And so Stone proposed to make a new creature. One made with all their magic’s and efforts. They would be a further statement of unity and all agreed. But not for Stone’s reason.

In truth Fauna wanted to spread life. To create a creature with resourcefulness and desire to spread her life throughout this world and eventually others, even places where it was not wanted or needed.

Ice was a curious one. Wanting to see if they can fuse all their powers and perhaps make a new god, a god made with all elements. It would end all godly conflict once and for all, but at what cost?

But Fire’s reason was the worst. He was still a warrior and still wanting to save his kin in his home realm or even rule it. He wanted to create the perfect army, unstoppable by all elements and under his command.

This mixture of interests, unknown to one another is what would divide the gods and the creatures of the world. This was how mankind was brought into existence.



This has been Redam Lore. I have been thinking about the creation of my world and thought you may find it interesting. I will be adding some more of these as time goes by so feel free to criticise, it’ll only help.



6 thoughts on “Redam Lore – Creation

  1. Feel free to criticise? Okay, your room’s a mess and your feet smell. You never call.

    Other than that, there’s more to this than you’ve written here, I assume. This is interesting stuff.

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