Hi guys.

I have picked up one of Wendigs flash fiction challenges. in this one we have to chose a photo from chuck or the comments and write a flash fic about it.

I found this lovely image from the lovely lisacle. you should check out her work.

I got a Lutece twins feel from bioshock so i tried writing in their strange tone. Let me know how it turns out.


Gone with the wind


To normal folk this would be quite a strange sight to see. But to Robert and Lynda they weren’t sure if this was normal or not. But they were enjoying it.

It was late, unfortunately Lynda forgot to pack the grad-father clock so they weren’t sure how late but late enough to enjoy a drink and listen to a bit of Glen Miller as they sailed by.

“Are you sure this is how it works?” Lynda asked with a posh English accent. She griped the handle as the wave hit the side, acting otherwise relaxed with their situation.

“Of course it is. I was told it would keep us dry” Robert said with a similar voice. He was peering over the edge with his spy glass.

“It’s just that I saw pictures showing people carry an umbrella above their heads.” She took a sip of her Gin and tonic and held on as lightning cracked across the sky. “Also it doesn’t seem to be the most efficient form of transportation.”

“Well it floats doesn’t it?”

“Yes but it hardly has direction. Also what if it rains, the sky looks angry tonight and I would much prefer to be inside”

“You can hardly blame me for that-“

“Yes I can”

“-and carrying it above your head would look silly. See the handle points up, it won’t be useful if you had to carry it above you.”

“Well that much is true darling.”

“Yes, oh I can see land now”

“Are we getting closer to it this time?”

Robert took a moment to study it.


“Oh well, we’ll get the next one. In the mean time you can fix me up a whisky sour”

“But you still have your gin to finish”

Lynda drained her glass and made a face

“Eww” she said as the alcohol burned her throat “quick darling it tasted horrible, and remember the egg white this time.”

“Just remember it’s your turn next,”

Another wave picked up their umbrella and smashed them down onto the ocean as the swell picked them up again. They didn’t seem to notice.

“My, it sure is a nasty night” Lynda said absently. “I don’t suppose you brought those paddly thingies with you?”

“I did” Robert picked up a couple of large wooden oars. “But unfortunately I forgot to pack someone who can row” he threw them into the ocean and out of the way.

“Oh, pity.”

“I also forgot to pack the ice bucket.”

“What? But there was ice in my last drink. And yours”

Robert swirled his scotch around his glass.

“Well I did get it off that ship we passed. It was full of ice.”

“I would hope so; it just hit an ice berg.”

Robert laughed at that “Yes I suppose we should hit one of those if we want another drink.”

“Oh don’t worry I’ll just have it straight.”

“Oh how uncivil” he contemplated that “oh all right here you go.” He filled both glasses with whisky.

“Here’s to those lovely people who lent us the ice” Lynda toasted.

“Indeed, hopefully someone will pick them up soon.”

They clinked glassed and downed their drinks as they sailed the waves.

“Any idea when we will get home dear?”

“Probably never darling” they laughed as he poured the next round.

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