my book: The Wolf and King.

To the wary the woods are a dangerous place, for the wolves that roam are unlike any you know.

Even when the forest is peaceful, silent and calm. Even when the birds sing and the stream gurgles silently they are near. Watching for trespassers and poachers, or perhaps their next meal, they may let you pass or they may not.

Even now they are near, while a large elk grazes. It is a cautious creature, ears twitching to detect noise and danger, eyes wary and feet silent. The elk walks through the trees, large oak as old as the earth, over the underbrush and dead dry leaves spoiled from light. It approaches the river, crystal clear and still. Sure for its safety the elk emerges.

Four figures dart out of the forests with it. Two jumped from the trees. Two below from the ground. The elk saw them too late and four wooden shafts stick right through the flesh. Blood dripped into the stream and washed away. And the beast died instantly.

Panting and satisfied the wolves admire the kill. But not like regular wolves. Wolves do not arm themselves with spears or dress in leather and fur, yet these ones do, for they are the Wolflings.

The Wolfling’s are a race of men and woman with the head, coat and claws of a wolf. They live deep in woods and forests in small tribes and they retain the balance of life. To kill when one grows too strong and protect when one grows too weak.

“Well hunted brothers” A wolf with a black coat growled.

His name was Amin and today is a special day. Today is the day he becomes chieftain of his tribe. And the day everything changes.


Hi guys

It was time I posted something like this.

For it is time for me to spill the beans and tell you what I am working on.

This is the first wee slice of the Wolf and King. A fantasy story I am writing set in the world of Redam and more specifically the northern kingdom of Draken. It will follow two protagonists; you have met the wolf, Amin Knightcoat the chieftain of the Wolfling tribe. The king is Alistair Doshan who i may introduce later.

I won’t tell you much because hey, I haven’t finished this, and, I haven’t even started them on the quest. Don’t get me wrong I know exactly where they are going and the grim situations they will face. All you need to know now is:

Amin and Alistair will be locked in a hopefully epic quest that will test if they become close friends or mortal enemies. There will be mystery, there will be action and there will be dark villains and terrifying monsters, funny and awesome characters, a badass dragon rider and awesome fantasyness.

Or this whole idea will flop and fail, I have no idea.

But I do know that this idea has been rattling in my head for as long as I can remember and I want to bring it into this world.

I will post updates on the blog. I have no idea when or how long it will take, this is my first book. I dont even know if anyone reads this blog. But it will encourage me to write more. And you never know I might get it published one day.


Hope to write more about this soon.


Adam Douglas.

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