My lovely Hogmanay

Hello friends. 


It’s been a while since I put one of these up. You know how it is, work, work, work, and- oh yeah I had that winter break…. guess I don’t have an excuse at all then…

Any way thought I would give you an update on life and stuffs.

Winter is lovely. It’s amazing and happy and sad and all sorts of great food and by god I need to get to the gym or something because I have had too much everything. Christmas was great, my lovely parents who tell me each year they aren’t going to spend a lot on me spent a lot on me. 

I had myself some new diving gear, including my own wet-suit and dive computer. As well as an assortment of video games (my darling girlfriend hasn’t seen me in a while due to her giving me fallout 4) and a stocking full of beer. 

So I have been very happy indeed. 

And of course as many of you know, I am in Scotland and so many consider Hogmanay the big day of the season. Hogmanay or New Year’s Day is so important because of the old Gaelic traditions to give gifts to neighbours such as short bread to feed them and coal to light the year; this is also known as the first foot. So it was no surprise that all my friends hit the clubs and got really drunk, shenanigans ensue.

As for me, well I hate clubs. And I am lucky my girlfriend shares this opinion. So we went out for dinner, got picnic supplies and started watching still game. However, this is where my night got interesting.

NO NOT LIKE THAT!! Get your dirty minds out of the gutter.

We went downstairs for more supplies and sausage rolls and such. Where you dad told me I should try this Thai dip. So I did, it wasn’t my cup of tea. Especially since my throat closed up.

I have a horrible nut allergy, it doesn’t matter if you wave a jar of peanut butter in my face but if I eat the tiniest amount I go into anaphylactic shock.

The whole house was on panic mode. I was ordered to rest on the couch while an epi-pen was recovered from the medicine cabinet. Naturally I was terrified, this hasn’t happened since I was seven and found out about my condition. I protested against the epi-pen despite the breathing difficulties and I am glad my mum didn’t listen, she stabbed me in the leg and I felt instant relief. The adrenaline entered my body and my throat re opened.

When the ambulance arrived I was hooked up to a heart monitor and injected with another 500mg of adrenaline as well as some steroids. They took my blood and took me to the hospital, where I spent the night. One week later I was back to my normal self, although with a slightly sore leg. But hey I had a memorable night.

I just hope the end of the year won’t reflect the start.

In any case. I am alive and well, although carrying the epi-pen a lot more often. So I hope your holidays went as well as mine minus the hospital and that you all have a very happy new year. Good luck and thanks. 


8 thoughts on “My lovely Hogmanay

  1. So, you have a girlfriend. The poor thing, having you making weird gorilla sex noises over her. She has my sympathy for that, and for her serious lack of judgment. 😉 Or maybe it’s just a lack of options. Funny, I’d always thought of you as somehow genderless or perhaps gay but still in the closet. So there we go. You learn something gross every day.

    Happy new year, Addy, and I hope it’s the best one yet, even if you are Gaelic. True, it’s a massive step above the Saxon persuasion but, I admit, part of me had hoped you were a Celt.

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    • haha its all scottish. im sure i have celt blood in here as well.

      I too feel sorry for my other half but she is amazing, although she doesnt like haggis (how weird is that). glad to hear from you again. hope you have a good one 😀

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