The Heist on the Silver Knights Bank. Chapter 6

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chapter 1 by myself

Chapter 2 by PD

Chapter 3 by myself

Chapter 4 by PD

Chapter 5 part one by PD

And 5 part two by PD

*collabses from exhuastion* and now for a quick chapter 6 by meself


The captain woke up with the worst hangover he’s had in years. His room was too bright and the banging on his door sounded like cannon fire.

“Just a moment.” He moaned as he rubbed his eyes.

As he did this he looked at his new arm. The ‘flesh’ around it wasn’t perfect. Too pink and hairless to be real skin and it offered no feeling. He clenched the fist and thought to himself “I’m coming for you brother. Just you wait”.


“How much did I drink last night?” he asked Musket when he finally answered the door.

“I don’t know. I passed out. The last thing I remember was you bellowing out ‘help me up’ with half the tavern”

‘Help me up’ was an old anthem of the Unruled. It was created by a group in need to show unity and support to your fellows. There had been many renditions but the classic was always sung at drunken parties, followed by a round of dragon whisky by whoever sung the first line. Unfortunately at drunken parties people genuinely needed a help up from the ground, and asking was the first line.

“Well it was a good party from what I remember. Anyway, what’s up?”

“The sonic cannons have been fitted to the starboard side and we bought the arc cannon for the port side. We have also laid armour on the balloon and hull as requested”

The captain thought about this as he readjusted for work “Good, excellent actually, what about the thrusters?”

“I saw to it personally. Bombs wanted to attach a flame thrower but I reminded her you said no last time.”

“Great, I appreciate that. Let’s have a look at her then” he threw on his armoured coat and hung his long barrelled pistol at his hip.

Outside wasn’t as bright as he thought. Cloudy and about to pour, but then again when isn’t it? His ship was floating silently where he left it; Peri was hanging off the starboard side, calibrating the newly acquired cannon while bomber was climbing the balloon to inspect the rigging.

But what surprised him was Miss Schnee sitting on the ships engine block.

“Good morning Schnee” the captain called as he boarded his ship. “What can I do for you today? I don’t owe you anything do I?”

“Don’t worry captain; I will let any damages caused in my tavern last night to slide.”

“Wait that was your tavern? Since when?” Peri interrupted.

“The man owed me debt so he sold ownership. But that’s history. I am here for business not dept.” She jumped off the engine block and walked a little too closely to the captain. “Truth is I need a ride to the breakwater” she whispered.

“Why do you want to go there?”

“It’s been quiet. Last night we had no report and I can’t see the cogs spinning”

This took him back, she sounded worried and concerned and she didn’t often reveal her feelings on anything. Not to mention if the cogs aren’t spinning then they are defenceless against a ruled fleet.

“I don’t mind taking the trip but it would be just as easy taking a boat, why me?”

“I’m keeping this low, if there was sabotage then I can’t trust anyone. But from what I know, no one hates the ruled more than you”

“Alright you can sail with us; we’ll be down there in three minutes.” He turned to his crew “Listen up folks. We are sailing down to the breakwater. Musket make sure that below is water tight. Peri I want you on the crossbow, the situation is funny but we won’t need the cannons tonight and BOMBER!”

“Yes captain?” she hung from the balloon by her legs.

“Make sure nothing blows up.”


The breakwater was a large stone platform built to shield the coast from waves and break any ruled ship that sailed within range. It has sonic cannons three times bigger than the conventional cannon and is powered by the vents below the water’s surface. Normally there are engineers and divers working to maintain power. But today the only sound was the waves smashing against the rocks.

The captain left Musket at the helm and walked the breakwater with Schnee. She seemed tense, swords drawn and ready to shred anyone to pieces. The captain insured his weapon was loaded and followed her.

They found the missing engineers in a small shelter, hunched over their playing cards as if they had all fell asleep. Upon further inspection they were all dead. Pale, thin and old as if the life was sucked right out of them.

“What the hell can do this to a man?” the captain asked aloud. And his question was answered immediately.

On the other side of the breakwater the cogged giant leapt out of the ocean. Its armour plates burning red due to its new energy source. It stared right at the ship and then the captain with recognition before charging toward them.

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  1. Haha! Very good. Painted me into a fight corner for the next chapter, huh? Challenge accepted.

    I also like and appreciate the ‘Help Me Up’ anthem reference. It’s an anthem that united worlds at one time, and unites the liver damaged in this. Nice touch.

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