Flash fiction challenge: superheroes plus

I was beginning to doubt that I would have made this flash fiction challenge. It took me a while to figure out how to carry it out. I had my mind set on sci-fi and super powers and then I was stuck on which character to follow.

But hey I got there, and just in time.

As always, if you have some constructive criticism I am all ears. I hope you enjoy my super powered sci-fi (pun intended, sorry).


The power plant

Mike was running late. He had just jumped out of the trans tube and was running through the station. He tried clutched onto his note book tablet and tried not to ruin his suit, a slimming grey collarless thing.

He wasn’t going to be late; he can’t be late, not for an opportunity like this.

He had is 17 soon to be 18 and he had been offered an apprenticeship with a global company as an electrician. The company was called GR&D for genetic research and development, the details were unclear on why they needed an electrician but then again it is a global company with many fields of work.

Mike bolted out of the station, the building was old compared to the recent modifications, it was once the central train station to the city. It was busy, people clogged the entrance and Mike had to side step a large kid and a red hooded teen. Mike was sure he just knocked a coffee out of its owners hand but he didn’t stop.

“Hello Mr Daniels.” A hologram said, a young female receptionist model.

“Hi, I’m not late am I?” Mike asked glad it was a hologram; he wouldn’t look like an idiot for not knowing the time and arriving late.

“Not at all, in fact you are 8 minutes and 40 seconds early.”

“Oh… well that’s good”

“It is isn’t it? I have notified Mr Thompson about your arrival and he is ready to see you now.”

“Right. Thanks” He wasn’t actually sure why he was thanking the hologram; it isn’t a real person just window dressing.

Mike combed his hair with his fingers and entered through a set of double doors.

Inside Mr Thompson sat behind a glass desk, tapping its holographic display. Mike was surprised at how young the man looked, but then that’s genetic modifications right there.

“Ah Mr Daniels, how are you?”

“I am well, sir, thank you”

“Good. Well I am afraid there isn’t much time to chat, take him away”

“What bu-“ a needle was stuck in his neck by someone behind him and he faded out of consciousness instantly.

“He’s waking up, shall we begin.” A masked voice said.

“Of course, we need to modify him as soon as possible before he knows.”

“Of course.”

Mike saw the gleam of a scalpel before fading out again

The sound of a dentist drill awoke him; it was soon accompanied by the pain in his spine.


“Be still Mike, else you will paralyse yourself.”

The walls were all polished metal plates, he could see his reflection. They had drilled wires into his spinal cord, his body held upright in a harness. The man drilling was in what appeared to be a rubber hazmat suit. His voice muffled behind its mask.

“There, all done. Feel free to use your power now, the system will take it away and use it to power the facility.”

“Wh-what power?”

“Of course, how silly of me, let’s see, it’s your birthday in three, two, and one.” The man looked up at him, “happy 18th

The man quickly walked out of the room, a side panel revealed to be a heavy steel door. It closed with a thumb and then he could hear the locking mechanism clink into place.

He was alone now.

Staring at the tubes and wires into his back.

Then he felt a slight tingling in his chest. It came like pins and needles, getting worst and worst.

His whole body started to twitch as it grew. The wires in his back began to buzz and the lights flickered.

“Ah. OH. AH” each twitch set an electrical shock up his back. Getting fasted and more intense.

The wires sparked and twitched and then electricity crawled up the wires like a plasma ball.

The lights went out and back on.

The he exploded.

Lightning shot out of him and up the wires. Electricity flew from his body and arms, hitting the steel wall.

And he realised, he was a human battery.

The discharge had stopped.

He passed out only to awaken to find he was still hanging, still hooked up.

The door opened.

“Very good Mike. Very good.” The rubber man came back into the room.

“You have provided enough power to power the whole facility. We are very proud. We will soon see what makes you tick and how we can use your abilities to further our advances. You will be leading the next steps of science young man.”

“Are you going to let me out?” Mike asked in a weak voice.

“Afraid not, you are too dang- what the devil” an alarm had sounded throughout the room. “I will be right back!”

Mike was too exhausted to care, he lapsed back into unconsciousness.


Mike was rudely awoken once more to gunfire and chaos from outside. He heard the screams of men as though they were being burnt alive. A loud crashing noise like someone crashed a truck into a dumpster followed by more gunfire, than silence.



A large dent appeared on the panel hiding the steel door.




The panel crashed to the ground, letting light flood in, followed by smoke. Someone had set a fire outside.

“Jesus Christ. Look at him.” A girl, around his age in a red hoodie appeared. “Ok, try not to pull anything out his back, just take the whole thing, wires and all.” She ordered.

A large guy walked in, a white t-shirt riddled with bullet holes yet no blood, actually none of his anyway.

“You’re the boss” he said and he started ripping the wires from the ceiling.

The girl walked up to him and said in a soft voice.

“Happy birthday, sorry we tried to get to you first. Everything is going to be ok.”

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