Redam Lore – Mankind

Mankind was created much like Redam, they was given form as the god of stone who moulded the first from clay. Flame baked the clay. Ice gave it a mind. And fauna gave it life.

Mankind was the pinnacle of the gods’ creation. A creature to rule and protect all others. But it seems they only desire to rule and very few to protect. But mankind was given the tools to their growth.

Stone gave them the imagination to build and prosper; this is why we have an innovative mind and our technology is ever changing.

Fire gave them bravery and passion but also anger. To ensure they can protect themselves and thrive without fear of destruction. His gifts are also associated with war, strength and power.

Fauna gave them the knowledge to tent gardens of their own. Herbs and remedies, food and other crafts from life. Those that take all a garden can provide will destroy it and so those who retain and protect will never starve or grow ill.

Ice gifted them with wisdom and the potential for magic and sorcery, giving the potential to ascend.

Man as we know them now is not the same as the ones first created. Many believe the reason why we are so diverse is due their forms in days of old. It is speculated that when a man serves a god or goddess faithfully, or fulfil their use of a gift they developed certain characteristics.

An example of these characteristics is the elfin races being linked to the goddess of ice, Wise, resourceful and showing keen attitude in the magical arts. Fossils of the elfin races are typically found in colder if not frozen lands.

Another is the dwarfs. Short and stocky builds being fit for mining and some of their architecture is still present today. Much like the god of stone wanted.

It is believed the Wolfling tribes are descendant’s to those who fulfilled Fauna’s gift. However this is speculation as there may be other animal/human creatures. It is therefore more common that a Halfling or Fairy children match the goddess’s vision however there existence is as much a myth as the gods themselves.

There has been no record or a creature showing a characteristic of fire. As most creatures are weak against it. This has led to speculation that people with demonic characteristics once roamed the world at one time, however there is no fossil evidence or records from the old days that support this claim.


As they do in the present these characteristics divided the world and although violence had existed for as long as time, there was no death. The creatures were immortal but the gifts the gods granted us conflicted.

Mankind was violent but they were also resourceful and wanting to spread life as much as take it. This caused wide spread suffering to all living things, a suffering that was only growing. And so Ice gave us her last gift, Death.

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