Flash Fiction Challenge: The Randomized Title Rears Its Head

So on Friday our good friend and bearded teacher/madman gave us another flash fiction challenge. In which we used a random number generator to recieve a random title for our story.

I got “The Bleeding Medallion.” so enjoy.

As always, constructive critisism will be appreciated.


The Bleeding Medallion

“Are those real diamonds?” David asked, the medallion resting in his hands.

“I hope so, perhaps our luck has changed after all.” Greg replied, eying up the jewel.

It was a strange medallion, made from silver metal and decorated with four white diamonds set into a circle of ancient runes.

“Well if we can’t tell then there will be a buyer who knows no different.”

“Aye well we will eat well tonight. Just need to get out of here.”

The duo surveyed the area, been digging for weeks and ended up under ground for a few days. The fact that they had uncovered some sort of crypt made them dig in more.

They found themselves deep in some sort of ruin, an old temple buried through time and dust. They admired their find, the only thing really worth the coin, in an old chapel like room, marble stone lined the walls and formed pillars supporting the earth and stone above.

“Uh, Greg?”


“We aren’t lost are we?

Greg looked around, finding the entrance to the room.

“Nah, it’s this way”

David tucked the Medallion into his pocket and they started their journey home. They crawled and climbed out of the chapel and into a larger section of the temple. It was dark, so dark that even Greg’s torch failed to light the whole area. Shadows and darkness danced in the corners and gathered in the distance.

“This place must have been something once” David said as they walked down the ancient halls.

“Yeah I bet, hundreds of people in their fancy cloths. Ha! I doubt they would have thought the likes of us would be picking them dry.” He gave a raspy cough, he was a lot older than David, dust and dirt clogged his lungs after years of mining.

Not like he will live long enough to enjoy the spoils

“What do you think this is worth anyhow?” David said, pushing the thought away.

“Oh I don’t know, for all we know it could be the king’s jewel, or a priest’s for all we know. Hell we may never have to work again with this.”

But you earned it, years mining and searching, the boy needs to earn his living yet

Greg gave another wheezy cough.

“It’s this way.”


They found their entrance, a hole in the ceiling. A hemp rope dangled from above and leads out of the temple and into their mine. The air was cold here, and water drops dripped from above and echoed through their mine.

Greg easily climbed up; old as he is he is still skilled.

“Come on then.” Greg offered David a hand.

“I’m fine.” He replied struggling up.

Dumb child, hasn’t worked long and inexperienced, he doesn’t deserve it.

“Don’t be ridiculous take my hand.”

“I’m go-“

David’s footing slipped, grapping greedily he caught the edge of their hole and stopped himself falling.




“You dumb boy, if someone offers you help, damn well take it next time!”

“Sorry, I’m sorry”

“Lesson learned now where is the medallion?”

“It’s here in my po-“David felt around in his pocket, finding nothing but a hole.

“You dumb piece of shit.”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’ll go get it.”

“Oh, so you can lose our fortune again or break your neck with the fall!?”

“I said I’m sorry”

“Come on then. Let’s get the damn thing and be on our way.”


They descended back down their hole. Dropping the torch down first. Its flames illuminated the area as it fell, and then it was back to darkness. Greg went down first, hoping he will get the jewel before the boy.

David looked down at the man below.

Old, crippled, dying, you could just jump down onto him; let the fall do the rest.

He shakes his head, he can’t kill his mentor, he had looked up to the miner for a long time, and he won’t betray him now.

A life of fortune awaits, you just need to take it.

Greg touched down on the marble floor, picking up the torch he began looking.

“Any luck?” David asked, climbing down the rope.

“Must have rolled away. You should be more careful boy. But I’m sorry I snapped. Spread out, we’ll find this thing.”

David looked on his hands and knees looking around and feeling for the silver. Greg used the torch, hoping the light would catch the diamonds.

“Their!” Greg called pointing. David rushed over and picked up a medallion.

“This isn’t right?”

“What isn’t?” Greg said walking behind him.

“The diamonds, their red now.”

“Give me that, these are rubies boy”

“How did it change?” David asked perplexed.

“You are an idiot sometimes. There must be two. One with diamond, one with rubies.”

“Then that means there are two?” he replied with a greedy grin.

“It does, now give it here. I am sure my pockets are more secure.”

“No its fine, I can hold it”

“You will give it boy. Now!” he held out his arm.

“Fine” slowly he placed the medallion onto his open palm.

The sound of cooking meat hissed as Greg recoiled in pain; the medallion dropped to the floor and started rolling away.”

“AGHH!! What the – After it!”

David ran through the dark, chasing a glint of red jewels as he did.

Eventually he was surrounded in darkness. He heard the sound of a plate spinning as it fell to the floor.

It stopped.


So where am I?

“David! Where are you?”

“I found it” he whispered into the darkness.

 He doesn’t have to know where we are, leave him. Follow me

It was like the medallion was on a chain, being pulled away slowly. David kept his grip and followed.


Ignore him, I will show you where true wealth is, you needn’t share it.

David turned his head and saw a light in the distance.

“He’s gaining on us” he whispered.

That won’t matter.

He was lead through long abandoned caved and halls.

And then it stopped.

“There you are! You *cough* fool”

Light flooded the room. Inside was an old ancient sarcophagus. Standing upright as if whatever was within was standing inside, ready to walk out again. It was covered in runes to ancient for a scholar to recognise much less the minors. In its centre was a small round recess, the size and shape of the medallion.

The ground was marble and broken around the sarcophagus.

Greg let out another wheezing cough. It put him into a coughing fit as he doubled over.

Now’s your chance.

David picked up a peace of the Brocken marble, it had a sharp point, and he drove it into Greg’s head.

The coughing stopped and his friend collapsed onto the ground. Crimson blood flowed on the floor. David dropped the medallion and fell on his knees.


“What? Why did I-“

He looked towards the medallion, blood seeped into its runes and poured into the details, it didn’t flow over the medallion; it was as if it was drinking.

And now you are free to serve me. Open my crypt and you will live forever.

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