new laptop! let the games begin!!!

Its here.

A laptop that works. Now I can make blogs and participate in writers challenges without the use of my tablet or stealing time at the office.

There is now no longer an excuse for me not to write my book, or rather books.

That said i would like some help using wordpress. just a small and probably a quick fix. as you can see at the top of this post it says “flas fiction challenge” i mistook it for the title of one blog but not only is it  typo but it is on all of the blogs (all two). any one know how to change that?

Thanks and hope to do more stuff on here


12 thoughts on “new laptop! let the games begin!!!

  1. You’re a good guy. Well, I assume you’re a guy. With the Scots you can’t always tell because you’re a bunch of skirt wearing haggis eaters.

    Which brings me to my next questions.

    Seeing as you guys wear skirts, when you’re out and you see restrooms do both doors have images of a person in a skirt? How do you know which door to enter? Does it even matter? 😀

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    • honestly it has led to many a ackward moments in my life. but hey the office whisky despenser always solves that. Is it true that offices outside scotland use water dispensers? i know that would be healthier but it would make you sober up too easily.


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