increase the size of your fangs

Hello sir/Madame

Are you fangs unappealing to your mistress/master? Is your prey not intimidated by your teeth? Do you have issues feeding?

Well we are here to help! With 34% of monsters facing incompetence issues in the past year. We have created a solution.

In THREE EASY STEPS you can DOUBLE  the size of your fangs with no harmful chemicals or artificial blood.

This course will show you how to improve general mouth hygiene. Increase fang size and help you impress your peers with perfect teeth.

Just click this link for more information. Please have bank details ready.

Ably within the first three weeks for a FREE STARTER KIT and 50% OFF your first week.

We hope to hear from you soon


Vampire Health Institute.

also if fangs aren’t your thing click this link to sharpen and grow your claws. Get it now while offers last!!!

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